Jazz, Swing & Chanson Française

A delightful selection of the bests melodies of the last century, a musical trip with some of the most emblematic jazz, folk and rock songs.

Unconditional fan of the amazing Gypsy Jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, I interpret an eclectic repertoire with swing and energy. From Frank Sinatra to Johnny Cash, including Nina Simone, Dire Straits or Chuck Berry, I offer a  large repertoire, a meticulous and unusual selection with a very personal interpretation.


Versatile musician, professional singer and guitarist located in Barcelona, I play loads of styles on acoustic guitar, from early jazz Swing to folk rock of the 60th, 70th, including french popular music.

This personal project starts in 2015, first as a standalone performance for pubs, restaurants, piano-bars and private events.

Since then I’ve been playing in loads of places mainly in Spain and France, and I increasingly offer concerts with bigger ensembles (trumpet, saxophone, double bass,…).

“Acoustic Guiri” is are a family, united by our love for Jazz, a well known quintet with a large path in Catalonia’s Swing and Jazz scene. 

Our proposal unites a Jazz chord ensemble with a charismatic voice thats bring the audience to Blues and Soul.

“Les Enfants Terribles” is a Gypsy Jazz guitar trio.

We play modern Gypsy Jazz melodies and cover with swing the most emblematic French songs.



Los Mercenarios de la Barbacoa

Mi standalone repertoire recorded with jazz ensemble.

Barcelona- 2018

Runnin’ Wild

Acoustic Guiri’s last Studio Recording. 

Barcelona- 2018

Sextet Project

Acoustic Guiri’s first studio Recording.

Barcelona- 2014

Runnin’ Wild

The first recording done for my standalone project.

Barcelona- 2016



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